#BeeInformed: Colocation is paving the way to digital transformation


In a world where going digital is the new normal, cloud and data center colocation has emerged as a key component in achieving digital transformation, which has long been the goal of companies. Digital transformation bolsters productivity as it optimizes and speeds up business operations and tasks. Its “digital convenience” also opens up new possibilities and opportunities to serve as many customers as possible.

However, embracing new technologies under digital transformation requires the added use and expansion of IT infrastructure, which brings in several challenges. Luckily, cloud and data center colocation is there to assist in the digital transformation journey.

Less costs

Taking on digital transformation alone involves shouldering its hefty capital expense (CapEx), such as the rising real estate, power, and 24×7 upkeep costs. Companies also have to take into account the price of xpanding resources, as the new normal under the pandemic has led to increased digital use.

In colocation, companies no longer have to worry about spending for CapEx as the cloud and data center providers already have the facility and staff to house and maintain everything. Data centers such as Beeinfotech PH’s The Hive, which is the country’s largest telco-neutral facility, offer dedicated staff for upkeep and redundant cooling and energy measures to ensure everything runs accordingly.

Manage complexity

Each new addition of digital technology brings in added complexity in operations. Financial companies, for example, are inclined to add new digital solutions to serve clients continuously under the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this brings in the need to protect sensitive data that are transferred online against cyber-attacks.

By colocating IT to cloud and data center providers, companies can get the protection they need to face online threats. A typical data center contains a Security Operations Center that immediately detects and responds to malicious activity. Meanwhile, several Cloud operators have multiple security protocols to protect customer information in every transaction.

Maximizing business potential

With colocation removing all upkeep headaches, companies have more time to focus on core business activities. Companies can divert expertise and resources towards where they’re most needed, therefore maximizing growth potential. The IT staff, for instance, can shift its attention to meeting business objectives, as the services of cloud and data center providers can do all the back-end IT tasks for them. In the end, all that’s left is to reap the benefits of digital transformation to the society as a whole.

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