Facebook Hires Chines Nationals as ‘Censors’

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Google Whistleblower Spills His Guts Over Conservative Sentiment

A Democrat running in New York for congressional office touted her long Army career in her campaign.  She was blistered by the opposition since she had numerous ‘incidents’ during her Army time, including being relieved of command.

Project Veritas shows a Google employee boasting that the company “censor out news from your search engine,” and stop “right-wing parties from advertising.”

Trump has threatened that he has his own recording of the 60 Minutes interview.  There are whispers of 60 Minutes editing the interview to make the Prez look bad.  He just posted pics with no commentary – a little shot across the bow of 60 Minutes that he really does have his own recording?



AUSTIN, TEXAS - JANUARY 21: Matthew McConaughey participates in a Q&A after a special screening of his new film "The Gentlemen" at Hogg Memorial Auditorium at The University of Texas at Austin on January 21, 2020 in Austin, Texas.

How About Everybody Chill – Matthew McConaughey Says ‘Embrace’ the Election Whichever Way it Goes


 Mark Zuckerberg Donated an Incredible Amount in Democratic Pockets

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 What’s the Best Apple Watch for You?

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