Disney Gets Called Out for Filming Mulan in a Concentration Camp Area




The Childlike Hate for Trump from the Left

Their hate for him is so childlike –  before disappearing, a deceptively edited video of Trump was passed around and viewed millions of times before it disappeared. 

In a recent Rasmussen poll almost 60% of likely voters agree with Trump that there is a need for patriotic education.  This is based on feeling that schools have fed mostly leftist rhetoric and indoctrinated students.

Another strike against the fake Atlantic hit piece against Trump.  The US Ambassador to France, who was present when Trump allegedly made the comment reported by the Atlantic, stated it’s blatantly false and didn’t happen.



People buy tickets for Disneys Mulan film at a cinema inside a shopping mall in Bangkok on September 8, 2020

Disney Called Out for Filming Mulan in Chinese Concentration Camp Area


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New Fire Blazes at Beirut Port

New Ammunition for US Special Forces

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